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Biblical Encouragement

Begin: The Way to Reach Your Goal  Learn a good system to help you reach your goals: Brain storm, Enumerate, Get to work, Invest, and Nab Success.

Be intentional about your Bible reading.  It is hard work- this life we live. The Bible will help us succeed.

Bible Reading.  What truth does God have for you today?

The Day That Changed My Perspective on Church Nursery  Until I visited a church in another state and learned of their nursery policies, I didn’t realize how vital a church nursery ministry can be.  (Very popular post!)

Forgiveness: Do It Soon  Are you having trouble forgiving someone?  The truths in this article will help you.

God Always Allows U-Turns It is not too late to make changes and turn things around.

God Trains Us Hard- Why? These real life examples show God’s training AND His lessons.

I Hate Mother’s Day  I understand feeling overwhelmed on Mother’s Day.  If you hate Mother’s Day, read on.

Life Transitions: Preparing for the Unknown Change Learn some ways to be ready for future unknowns.

A Mom Told Me She Has No Friends.  I have felt like that.  Have you?  Read this article for some encouragement.

Make Prayer a Consistent Priority in Your Life: Prayer Notebook Plan Through praying about my praying God has helped me develop a tool that I use and it can help you, too.

Organized Prayer: You Can Do It!  Make sure your prayer life stays on track using a prayer notebook system.

Pray for Your Girl!  Use this recommendation of 12 specific things you can pray for your daughter.

Waiting Is Not Wasted If you have been waiting and are discouraged, this article is for you.

What Should a Single Christian Be Looking for in Life?

Why do we go to church? Guest post by Sharon Bouffard, a good perspective on this godly habit

Worth More Than Your Looks You have a lot going for you besides your looks: choose what you focus on.

Child Training

A Patient Parent and A Crying Child  These two stories illustrate the importance of teaching the behavior you are expecting.

Be the Mom!  Are you reluctant to do things for your child? This article shows how to be your child’s chief cheerleader and support.

Do you make your kids eat all their food?  Eating Rules that Worked for Us.

Doing a Kids’ Activity?  2 Rules and 7 tips for Success You can survive and be successful!

Don’t Buy Your Kids Toys: Buy Them Hours of Fun Look at the time your child will play with an item as you evaluate

Halloween: Don’t Scare Your Children  Prepare your child for the different things they will see today.

Home or home school: When you have to re-group with your discipline Five specifics steps you can take to manage your discipline plan with examples

Add Sanity by Keeping LEGOS organized  These tips helped us to keep the pieces in their place!

Teach My Child? Who? Me? If you are considering home schooling your child, read to see how you are uniquely prepared to do a good job.

Teaching Your Children To Tell the Truth  By knowing how your child is thinking, you can teach your child to tell the truth.

The Importance of the Walk  Finding a unique way to teach obedience without breaking a child’s spirit.

Deaf/ Hearing Impaired

14 Ideas to help your communication with the hearing impaired  Do you work with someone who can’t hear well?  Here’s how you can communicate better!

Cochlear Implant: Noises that Hurt and Annoy  By knowing what noises to avoid, you can help

DIY: Crafts

Burlap Table Runner   A great decorating idea for your tables.

burlap runners stamped with outline of CO and NY

Easy Baby Shower Gift: Towel Teddy Bear  So cute but quick to make.


Never Give Up! Debt Free Living is Possible! Motivating guest post from Martin and Tonya with hints to help you

Why I Recommend Buying a Duplex A house is usually the largest investment a family ever makes.  How a duplex can help you

Healthy Living

Low Impact Exercising for Grandmas A program that rewards successes in small doses

Hearing Loss/ Deaf

Cochlear Implant: Noises that Hurt and Annoy and how you can help

14 Ideas to Help your Communication with the Hearing Impaired How to help a spouse or loved one who is going through a time of hearing loss

Home School Helps

Add Sanity by Keeping Legos Organized

Are you ready to stop home schooling?  Please don’t!  At least consider the following ideas

A Tribute to my Husband on Father’s Day

Be the Mom!

Doing a Kid’s Activity: Two Rules and 7 Tips for Success

God Always Allows U-Turns

Home or home school: When you have to re-group with your discipline  Take these steps to start over and

Pray for your Girl  Ideas on praying for your daughter and keeping her

Ready, Set, Go! Chore Challenge

What is my home school?  What does it look like? It looks a little different every day.  Here are some tips for you.

Meal planning

Meal planning Basics  How do you even start to figure out a meal plan?  This article shows you how!

Meal Planning Starter Kit.  Use these steps to get your meal planning under control and on track

Mom Helps


I Did My Best In our lives, we need to remember we are accountable to God to do our best. My husband learned this while silo building.

A Tribute to My Husband on Father’s Day Despite going deaf and having cancer, he keeps on going. Read about the overcomer.

The Lesson of the Gravel Pile  We learned how to get a big job done one shovelful at a time.

Begin: The Way to Reach Your Goal  Learn a good system to help you reach your goals: Brain storm, Enumerate, Get to work, Invest, and Nab Success.

God Always Allows U-Turns It is not too late to make changes and turn things around.

Low Impact Exercising for Grandmas A program that rewards successes in small doses

What Do You Do to Make Mondays Better? Do you have a trick to start the work week off right?  And what do you do to help leave work at work?  Read more to learn some ideas


Recipes: Entrees

Carrot Crust (amazing) Buffalo Chicken Pizza Gluten free and delicious, appetizer or entree

Cheese and Sausage Stuffed Zucchini Admittedly this recipe gets used often at the end of summer, but it is good year round.

Cheesy Grits and Cajun Shrimp  I love comfort food!

Fresh Apple Cake: Delicious  In less than an hour, you could be eating this healthy apple cake

Macaroni and Cheese with Spicy Sausage for Grown-Ups  I love this creamy yumminess, especially on a stormy day.

Most Delicious Pancakes Ever For breakfast, brunch or dinner, we love this recipe.

Old Fashioned Beef Stew Onions, carrots, and potatoes make this beef stew hearty and filling.

Southern Style Chicken and Sausage A pot full of flavors!

Spamcakes: Spam and Pancakes Together A great combination at home or for camping.

Stuffed Pepper Cups this recipe captures a bit of your garden with its peppery/ tomato goodness.

Rich Tomato Vegetable Soup to keep you warm and keep away the munchies.  Sure to be a favorite!

Thai Curry Chicken with Broccoli The simmering coconut milk and curry paste allow the flavor to develop nicely.


Apple Puff Pastry Dessert  Delicious!

Chocolate Whipped Cream Filled Angel Food Cake  This is a light but satisfying dessert any time  as well as our Christmas Eve birthday cake for Jesus.

Molasses Crinkles  These smell so good when they are baking and they taste great.

Recipes: Appetizers

Spinach Artichoke Dip  Another cheesy favorite!


What Should a Single Person be Looking for in Life?