Easy Baby Shower Gift: Towel Teddy Bear

This adorable Towel Teddy Bear was made by my friend Janet.  She is graciously posting here so that you can make a shower gift that is unique and cuddly to welcome any new baby.  I love the It’s a Boy! ribbon she found. By using some interesting ribbons, your Teddy Bear will have the right bit of sass or welcome that will make it unique to you.

Start with a bath towel folded into thirds. Open up one third. Leave the other 2/3 folded.

Begin rolling the towel lengthwise to the middle.

Do the same for the opposite side.

When both rolled sides meet, carefully turn the towel over. The heavier side will be to the left and the less fuller side to the right. Starting at the left, twist one part of that side slightly over its other – somewhat like crossing a leg.

Fold the upper right portion of the towel down over the crossed leg portion.

Using a rubber band or string (your choice), bind or tie the towel tightly. In the picture here, I made my tie about half way between the top and the wide band of towel ribbing.  Now you can see the Teddy Bear taking shape. 

Tie the ears. Don’t be afraid to pull and push and manipulate the ears so they look like ears!

*note : After tying the head, you can work at bringing shape and fullness to your bear.  After trying several attempts at assembling the bear, I learned that I could push from the back of the bears head to create fullness. I just pinched, pulled, and plumped it until I finally had a nicely shaped head. It all comes with a few tries and practice.  Have fun! I hope this helped you in making one.

Janet and I hope that you have fun making this Towel Teddy Bear.  Please feel free to send us a picture!  Share and follow us on Pinterest at GAccomplished.

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