Seven Extra Items to Bring to the Hospital for After Delivery


  1. Thera Pearl Hot/Cold wraps
  2. Flat panty line pads
  3. Ultra Soft toilet tissue
  4. Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes or flushable personal wipes
  5. Prep H cream
  6. Sport events cushion cut to fit the toilet
  7. Fingernail clippers and/or emery board

After a not-so-normal delivery, my daughter and her husband welcomed Sunshine into their lives! We all were excited but we started with an extra 14 days in the hospital fighting an infection. My daughter needed a lot of extra care while Baby was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.) Her husband thought of some wonderful aids to help her through this time and although I hope you don’t ever need them, if you do, you’ll be glad you have them!

Thera Pearl Hot/ Cold wraps

They were wonderful for relieving pain. We had three so that we could switch them in and out of the small room refrigerator to put on her bottom, back, or chest for comfort. The Thera Pearls can also be heated in a pillowcase (follow the directions: in the microwave we were using it only took 45 seconds to get to the right temperature for comfort!). The soothing warmth felt so good on her lower back, chest or shoulders.

Initially, our little Sunshine  received a “shotgun” of antibiotics to fight the infection. When more lab work results came back, the antibiotics were targeted more specifically. The doctor knew she had an infection since my daughter had a fever of 103 when she delivered. Because of the quick medical response, Sunshine did not exhibit symptoms of the infection.My daughter also received an initial dosage of 3 antibiotics to fight her infection.  Instead of recovering normally, specifically feeling a little better every day, my daughter felt worse. She could not sit comfortably, she couldn’t lie down comfortably, she couldn’t stand up comfortably. She couldn’t sleep because her bottom hurt so badly.


Panty Liners

Having very flat panty liner pads (rather than the thicker, more absorbent pads provided by the hospital) relieved pressure on this sensitive area.

Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

The Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes or flushable personal wipes helped keep her bottom and episiotomy area clean without irritating it.

Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

This was also true for the Ultra Soft toilet tissue. Even in the maternity wing of a good hospital, the toilet paper is not very soft. Having this Ultra Soft toilet tissue was great!


She was nursing the baby, so she had to walk from her room to the NICU (about 200 steps) every 3 hours. Prep H Hemorrhoid cream has some Pramoxine HCI for pain relief as well as helping tender, swollen tissues not to rub against each other. An event cushion that we custom cut to fit on the toilet seat and sitz bath edge was also helpful.





A nurse thought that maybe she had hemorrhoids and that was why she felt so bad, couldn’t sit down, everything “down there” hurt, etc. We got an appointment with the vascular surgeon, (I was so thankful that he fit us in!). He coordinated with the delivery doctor for a topical painkiller (Lidocaine 5%) and a stonger pain medication so my daughter could get some sleep. Still my daughter kept doing worse and was so weak on Thursday that I held her arms so that she could nurse the baby standing up. The doctors put my daughter on another round of antibiotics. Within 12 hours of beginning the antibiotics, she started to feel and look better. 

Fingernail clippers and/or emery board

These were for the adults that kept wanting to hold Sunshine but didn’t want to scratch her or catch our nails on the cords and wires that she had to wear in NICU.

We are very thankful everyone is doing well now.  We hope your labor and delivery experience goes well as you welcome a new special person into your family.  What a privilege to be  part of the miracle of life!

Let us know about other products or aids that helped in your recovery in the comments below.

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