A tribute to my husband on Father’s Day

To my kids: This Father’s Day I want to let you know some more of our story.  While we were in college, we were on summer mission teams for two years.  Your dad was so excited to work with the native children and tell them God loved them and wanted them to go to His Heaven some day.  He was so glad when 6 little boys from camp wanted to accept what Jesus had done for them- dying for their sins and giving them a way to be right with God. Continue reading “A tribute to my husband on Father’s Day”

Add Sanity by Keeping LEGOS Organized!

various LEGO people in a bin "Get Your People Organized!"

As far as “time played”  for “price paid,”  I think both LEGOS (for older children) and DUPLOS (for younger children) have the best ratio.  I almost always woke up in the morning because the DUPLO bin was being dumped out on the floor!  There is a certain grating, high-pitched shooshing noise that comes with that dumping action that hurried me quickly downstairs to see what everyone was up to! Continue reading “Add Sanity by Keeping LEGOS Organized!”